around the studio (and then some)...

lots is happening over here. my site is under going some renovations. still a work in progress. but my super awesome talented photographer father took my portrait for my "about" page, and although i am convinced i look (in general) a little bit like a rabbit, i am very pleased. its always fun to get creative with my pops...


i have been busy busy making mini scenes of elephant top dancers, rock climbers, hula hooping ladies (always and forever) and a totally custom zombie scene. that's right boys, terri planty is not just about the girlie stuff. we can do guts and horror, only in our narrative - the lady wins the race! but don't worry, she can rescue you from the vicious arm eating blood sucking monsters. :)


in other news, i scored some really fabulous plants! chain of hearts - a gorgeous cascading plant that is undeniably one of my all time faves, a whole family of neon cross breed cacti that are out of this world and as usual - plenty of pretty succulents and MORE!


i am so excited for the unique la show. this is going be a good one. i have some surprises in store - i am not giving too much away but i will say that it is the biggest blah blah blah blah ever. decode THAT wheel of fortune fans!


p.s. the image of the ivy wall and what appears to be quilt growing an arm in the blonde wood frame is a collaboration i did with a dear friend, and recent past studio mate jennifer bruce. she makes the most amazing quilts. we took her quilts into the town, had blue eyed bearded boys and herself wear them and photographed the quilted happenings in public spaces. this shot is one of my favorites. the girl laid down on the ground of a gas station all in the spirit of making a beautiful photo. and the lovely image of the masked face with the dog - that is another rad artist - roger tilton. lastly above roger's photo is the tip of a great print by ginny cook. i love artists.


  1. those cacti with the bright colors are beautiful! and i am so glad to put a face to a blog, so to speak! hehe i never knew what you looked like! you don't look like a rabbit either lol

  2. What a wonderful post! I am looking forward to this show you're joining! Hoping for more news soon! And of course I am totally blinded by these amazing colours of the cacti! Wish you a nice and sunny weekend!

  3. What a cool picture! You're sweet :)
    Good luck for the show!!

  4. Those are some amazing colorful plants! Alice in terriplanty_land :)