theodore payne garden tour

last weekend was the theodore payne foundation garden tour here in so cal. the theodore payne foundation is a garden and nursery that has a very special mission statement. "to promote and restore california landscapes, and habitats / propagate and make available California native plants and wildflowers / to educate and acquire knowledge about California flora and natural history". in short i love this place. when i plant natives it goes beyond just being a pleasurable gardening experience, i feel like a garden activist in my very own backyard. and seeing all the wildlife that comes with the flora is even better!

unfortunately i wasn't able to go to this year garden tour, so i decided to post my photos from last years tour as its one of my all time favorite events! you get to explore the outdoor spaces of peoples homes who's landscapes all use the same flora in different situations and they turn their gardens into such amazing environments. southern california is mostly made up of a chaparral landscape, which lends it self nicely to meadowy designs - my personal favorite! i love when gardens look lush and wild, with surprising moments under a tree - like a sweet groupoing of coral bells (huechera) or bright purple irises (my all time favorite flowers - i always imagined if i got married that i would hold a bunch of native california irises picked from my garden in a casual bouquet). a lot of the gardens also use boulders and rocks in clusters, adding contrast and perfect homes for dudleyas (native succulents). and the sheds, collections of things and sculptures at these spaces is equally cool to see.

alright, now get ready for a CRAZY amount of photos that i took. i have a problem with editing. and i didn't just document the plants. pets watching the passing groups of viewers were too cute not to capture.



  1. Thanks for sharing this images of such a wonderful place, just incredible! I could lose myself in there, so beautiful!

  2. ohhhhhmyyyygahhhh overload. absolutely f*ckingawesome.

  3. thanks ladies! there were so many more images. it was hard to edit to down to that crazy amount. :)

  4. These pictures are amazing! Not enought of them, i would say!!!