a dear friend sent this my way. yet another awesome option for apartment dwellers to grow green. via here.

put a plant in it


um, yeah. that would be a recycled roll of toilet paper. aaa-mazing. who would of thought you could grow a seedling in a tp roll repurposed into a mini planting pot! via here, here and here.

garden stalking


i will stop apologizing for being absent from the blog soon enough. but i will have you know that i have been very busy working on the new site and blog. i cannot wait to share it with you. recently i have been especially busy building up my garden stalking portfolio and i thought i'd give you a sneak peak with my recent faves. in the meantime if you want to see more of what i have been up to you can find me on instagram... just look for terriplanty. trust me there is more where this came from! xo