growing steady

i admit. i have been a bad vegi garden mother this year. at least thus far. but i am determined to change that very soon. during my efforts to spruce up my front patch of garden, i noticed that my v-garden had executed a beautiful collection of produce, all on her own! arugula, peppers, squash, lettuce, basil, potatoes! all of this with out my constant attention. i would sneak a peak at my raised bed every now and then to start planning my new edible scape, but this last time as i ventured down the tiny slope to the boxed growth i realized - oh my gosh! they are doing it a lot growth all by themselves! it was as if my vegi garden was a child that had become independent! i was kind of proud.


still. i am determined to get my self in order and start some serious planning / planting. any favorites or suggestions? i am going to for sure try for a bean teepee! broccoli, tomatoes (duh), peppers, snap peas, kale, cucumber. by the way in the recent issue of sunset they suggest really cool varieties of all your classic v-garden favorites. i highly recommend it.


in other news...
yesterday there were two super duper lovely shout outs to terri planty...

- - design insiders weekly finds!!
(thank you laure! she has one of the most gorgeous blogs ever. the lady is photography goddess! - speaking of photographs, credit must go where it is due. that lovely bathroom full of plants in the post - it belongs to another rad blogger justina & faith of compai - a must see and personal favorite!)

- lana pelana wrote a sweet post on spring and shared terri planty with her blog family! so sweet. i love this girls blog, all her colors and personality, and best of all she lives in my other favorite place in the world - spain! muchismas gracias guapa!!

i super duper appreciate both of these post shout outs with all of my heart!! really made my day and beyond...


  1. I'm quite jealous of your warm climate. The only thing that really wintered over here are weeds. I spent all day coaxing them out of the ground (mud).

  2. Awesome! I have a lot of baby plants already big enough to go outside in my veggie garden, but our climate isn't that constantly warm. So they will have to stay inside for another few weeks, poor ones!

  3. Thank you for your sweet words, you're so kind! :)
    Muchos besos!

  4. i am NO planter. so i have no suggestions. i'm positive whatever you plant will BLOW me away.
    congrats on the attention, you know you deserve it, creative girl!