around the house...

some planty snapshots from around the house / garden. plus the kitties. i am in no mood to be on the computer today. the weather is gorgeous! as soon as i am done with taxes i am out in the garden. got a date with the neighbor who shares the front yard with me to clean up the weeds and trim the bushes while rocking out to some sweet tunes. so nice to have a neighbor who is a garden hoe like me!
on another note - i am so excited to report that lady bugs are everywhere today!! and my matilija poppies are getting TALL!!! check out what these native california flowers are gonna look like when they grow up HERE!! exciting!!!



  1. i always think ladybugs are the first sign to warmer weather! they're just so iconic of happy, sunny days haha :)

  2. What lovely pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful time outside, I would love to have a neighbour like this!