planty literature

i have a book problem. i do. i collect books like i do plants, jewelry, textiles, macrame, cat art, pottery and squirrels (and trust me i seriously collect all of these things). so to add to my festering habit i treated myself to this rad book about plants. because in truth, i can never learn enough about this subject!
this book is part of the time-life encyclopedia of gardening. its title is flowering house plants, written by james underwood crockett "a horticulturist and writer on gardening subjects". it also includes lovely illustrations by allianora rosse.


i am especially digging books about horticulture from the 70's. this book was published in 1972 and it totally rocks like most of the books i own from that period. obviously house plants and terrariums were popular then so that had an impact on the wave of books that came out on the subject, but man are they good! detailed with diagrams and interesting information. for example this book not only gives you all the classic details about care and origins, but it also inspires you with some personal anecdotes, fun pages like: notables who shared their names with plants and an incredible array of tips and ideas, such as sending a leaf in the mail to start a new plant! on page 69 it states "african violet fanciers often mail a leaf from a prized variety to a faraway friend so that he can raise a new plant from it..." i am totally doing a diy on this packaging method pronto! anyone want to become planty pen pals????!!!


looking for cool books from the 70s on plants? look no further than your local used book store or thrift shop. amazon is great too, but the best part about the shops is you never know what you are going to find!


  1. Ha, I love this book!!! Somehow strange to see it here ;-)! My parents have a whole collection of this time-life series and I can't stop going through them since I was a child! I just love the arrangement photos & the vintage look they have! Wish you a wonderful day!

  2. stop adding things i want to read to my list! it's long enough, promise, jeez.