happy hallowwwwwwwweeeeeeen!

i know i promised many more photos. i got super busy again. and i am not going to lie. having an adorable puppy to play with kinda sucks up your time in the best of ways. doesn't she look cute in her halloween costume?! hannah banana as what else... a banana!


recent terrariums & plantings

i have lots of images to post. so much so i feel like i might overflow in one night so i am going to space this out. we begin with a couple recently made terrariums and plantings. each with a bug invasion or rather bug partnership! i have more images from this collection but haven't found the other batch of images quite yet. stay posted for more :).


terrarium contest at POTTED / reward $500 shopping spree!

a very very favorite shop of mine here in la, potted, is having a very cool contest. why it is a terrarium contest! the most creative terrarium wins a $500 shopping spree at potted. and let me tell you i could easily spend that load of cash there! remember that rad circle pot i scored from dwell? well that was a gift from the lovely ladies of potted.

i encourage you all to get busy, like NOW! for more details visit their site HERE!


so it turns out my hen is a ROOSTER

sometimes the obvious is just not obvious enough until it starts to crow in your face. yup... my dear little fart face aka. fifi is indeed mr. fart face. i thought it was a little odd that his feathers were skinny at the top of his neck, not to mention his long neck, his aggressive behavior towards the girls and his confidence. but for some reason i must have been in some serious chicken denial. and i was. because its certain that i got myself a boy chicken.
as much as i love the dude. he is really a gorgeous bird, i am concerned that the noise is going to not be so great with trying to get my new neighbors to like me and he picks on my little lucia and that is not nice. don't worry i am working on figuring out a lovely new home. potentially a ranch with lots of other barred rocks that hang out in tall trees.
i won't tell you which is which, but i am sure you will know right away. so silly what moving does to a person's brain. you can't even tell if you have a boy chicken all of a sudden! :)


custom terrariums

i am super backed up in the custom terrariums showing off department. but trust me! i will do my best to catch up because there have been some good ones with magical lions, fire spinners and afros and much more! these two terrariums featured below are from awhile ago, but i had to show these to y'all because i made those crazy dirt bikes, gear and helmets and it was not easy! i was so proud when i was done with those two! they looked just like the guy's i was portraying in their own gear but in miniature.
sometimes when i am working in my studio on these teeny tiny things going crazy trying to make the most perfect mustache, i think, yup, this is good times, crazy, but good times.


yes please

pardon my lack of original photo posts. i am still living amongst the cardboard box towers. i must set my self up with a proper desk and get organized! i went to the flea this weekend and was unsuccessful in finding a desk, BUT i did score two vintage bertoia chairs that were exactly what i wanted and a wacky fiber glass hippie weave "sofa alternative" that looks like stevie nick's wardrobe but in the form of furniture. still unsure about the second purchase, but i will share photos soon anyway.
in the meantime i thought i might as well share with you all the eye candy i have come across. this particular shoot on the selby is from quite awhile ago but this garden / home of dan martensen and shannan click pretty much sum up the lifestyle i love most. below are a couple of my fave shots, but by all means view the full post here and take in the boho chill-lax beauty...


got me some cottage inspiration

the pinterest junkie in me is back in action. my internet was turned on and i immediately go seeking beautiful things to stare at to ooooh and aaaaaaah. but this time i was searching with a purpose! i never leave a a garden untouched. and although the process of fixing up my new garden will take lots of time and patience i have already begun to brainstorm my visual vibe for my new little cottage in the hills. below are some of the images that got me pumped. typically i am drawn to meadows full of native grasses, yarrow and sage with bold architectural succulent surprises, and there will be that, but considering my new home is very much a cottage why not throw in some hollyhocks, bulbs, wild crawling vines, nasturtiums and the classic... lavender! besides i just read recently that if you want to repel rodents plant fragrant shrubs like rosemary and lavender... so there you go. beauty with a purpose!
i am also trying to brainstorm ways of making the traditional cottage a bit more alive and contemporary. i am a color junky and found object seeker. i love the idea of reusing pallets, painting random objects in bright colors, creating outdoor rooms and destinations with twinkle lights and furnishings and of course hideouts - like tepees! hand painted signs, vertical gardens, a chicken viewing station and loads of edibles will all be musts! ooooh the possibilities!


less boxes and then some...

hello again, patient friends. the move is over. awful as it was, and it was (less the amazing support and help of my family and friends), now is that very special time when i get to put my little touches on my new home. i haven't totally unpacked. boxes linger here and there. waiting to be opened like presents that you have a hint about. most things arrived safely, but whatever broke, well that just makes for more space which i must say i can always use!
before i packed i purged so many of my things in an effort to only showcase and use the things i own that i love. this has made the process so much more enjoyable. starting over is amazing. it feels like i needed it.
i left some plants behind that i really loved. wished them a happy life and thanked them for the learning experience. i totally cried saying goodbye to my garden. i know. i am plant sappy.
although i left quite a few green beauties behind, many pots and some moments of plant tear outs made their way over. these were of course the first things to come out of the boxes and placed in suitable spots. looking out into my new garden, seeing all my plants sitting pretty, well that was really a proud moment. i felt as if i have arrived. i felt like it was now home.
planters still need to be filled, weird fence situations to be solved, chicken coop needs to be assembled, raised bed needs to be postioned and planted... its all a work in progress that i look forward to sharing.
my homes interior is also still unresolved, but getting there. the bohemian in me can't help but dangle and display things like ferns, macrame and folk art in every crevice. i am trying to take my time with it. enjoy the process. but sometimes your creative juices get the best of you and result in pressure.
forutnatly i have my pets to tend to and slow me down. hannah the pup is totally in love with her yard. the chickens have a nice run right outside my door way that they dig, the cats have had a slightly more difficult time adjusting, but a small herman miller table that my grandmother gave me has served nicely as a window bed look out.
all in all things are falling into place.

here are a couple images of my little family and such along the way... new home / garden photos and inspirations to come soon! i get internet tomorrow! yipee!