friend pride

i am beaming with pride this morning. my lovely and super talented friend wendy of dear hancock was featured on todays design*sponge sneak peeks! see it here!
her home is gorgeous! bright and airy and full of busy creative energy. i especially love her studio set up in her dining room. who says the dining room must always serve as an eating space! instead they whip up beautiful paintings!
also if you take a close look, a terri planty lives in her home...:) just sayin'!

garden meow

i am a little obsessed with my cats. alright maybe a lot. whatever.
with that being said here are some darling shots of my mr. looey sporting his outdoor kitty harness. he used to get to run around free but he went a little too far into the hood and my hood ain't the safest town for 4 paws. so this was our compromise. and i must say he looks handsome. and happy.
more terrarium photos to come, but i am SICK. yup. super cold got the best of me so i am in the bed and a little bit in the garden too (gotta get some fresh air). point being until i have got to get better so that i can terri planty it up, cuz i have got some sweet ideas to showcase. until then, sweet dreams.

p.s. arugula is growing wild all over my yard! it had grown high and low and looey thinks it is coolest hiding spot imaginable. you know what they call argula - the italian weed. its true! at least you can pull it and then take a bite!

more photos of my silly cat and my garden here at squirrel hobbies.


quote crush

i just read the following quote on a girl's world. i couldn't agree more...

you can't just follow your dreams.
you have to pursue those bitches like an absolute motherfu*ker.

terri planty in the home

i got super excited today when i found this image of one of my terri planty terrariums photographed (quite beautifully might i add) in one of my clients homes. its one thing to see them in my studio or lit up for a photoshoot, but when you see a terrarium in its home - that is the best! so thank you mr. allard. i super appreciate you showing off your home and the ladies in the planty lands!

Lounging LadiesNew "Terri Planty" Terrarium

inspiration nation

arfound this image of allen ruppersberg's studio in hollywood, 1968 on stopping off place. i am kinda freaking out by how beautiful this image is. i just got back from my mojave desert day trip with my dad and hit the gold mine of cool rocks and wood roots. more on that later. but point being that i intend to spread the goods out like so and just admire them for what they are.


a proper introduction

i would like to introduce you to one of my favorite studio tools, an xmas gift i received from my dad... my magnification visor. yup. i wear these cool things most of the time when making my terri planty treasures. i have to say i feel pretty cool with these bad boys on.
i think i am going to start making a habit of showing off the cool tools i get to use in my studio. everyone is so busy showing off their homes, and pets, and babies and art, why not show off some of my cool tools?! so we begin. introducing "maggy eyes", my magnification visor!


and on another note. my dear friend wendy of dear hancock visited the studio this evening to pick out a couple terri plantyterrariums for her home. the lady is a serious talent. you should check out her beautiful work here!


inspiration nation

tonight's lovely dose of inspiration comes from two selby shoots: tartine bakery in ny and eagle street farm also in ny. i love these gardens. wild and gorgeous. both set in the ny urban environment. loving that young ladies dress is too cute for words. i personally do not garden in pretty red dresses with perfectly worn in boots, but perhaps from now on i should.


custom terrarium

just delivered this little land yesterday to my friend megan. it is a gift for her parents who just purchased a cabin in the woods (lucky lady). i made the cabin from scratch based off the photos of the cabin they own. staring at those photos made me crave a vacation. perhaps a much needed anniversary trip... hint, hint erick :).
more custom terrarium photos to come. sorry about the iphone poopy shot. i forgot to snap a good one. i have get my studio re set up for photos again. it suffered a leak this winter and the place is a zoo! but i am on the job and soon i'll be a terrarium making machine again!
keep in mind, boys like terrariums too! perhaps a terri planty for vday? just sayin'... :)


cacti crush

i have fallen in love. yes. its true. with this adorable crocheted cacti. how cute is this little fella?! it was made especially "for those who always forget to water their plants". via wide-eyed-tree.

plant lovers

i just stumbled upon this tumblr page - gardening in heels. i am loving all the innovative ways of planting that is shared on this site. like the tool boxes! i have been displaying terrariums inside of my vintage metal art boxes, but planting inside! i am totally going to do this up! and the downspout vertical planters! oh man those are genius! i am a huge fan of vertical gardens and this is totally right up my alley...
... and the lamp! and the heads! oh my. i am enjoying this. its a plant visual party!

Inspiration: Downspout Planters | Apartment Therapy Re-Nestunconsumption:

Turning an old aluminum baking rack onto its side and planting it with bamboo wouldn’t seem controversial to most people, but Matthew Levesque sees it as an act of sedition. “It’s really a revolutionary stance against standardized and expensive landscaping,” he says, standing in the compact and colorful backyard of his Alameda [California] home.
“Using indigenous and local materials in garden design opens up a new world of possibilities.”
Levesque’s new book, “The Revolutionary Yardscape: Ideas for Repurposing Local Materials to Create Containers, Pathways, Lighting, and More” (Timber Press; $22.95), aims to demystify the process and provide inspiration.
It is filled with photos and how-to instructions for the projects that fill Levesque’s own yard, from an acrylic downspout filled with eyeglass lens blanks, to garden lighting fashioned from chrome closet poles, to patio areas paved with scraps of granite and marble salvaged from kitchen redesigns.

Full story and other photos: Matthew Levesque reimagines, repurposes gardens —
(spotted on Twitter, thanks to Marilyn Maciel, @MarilynM)Crazy hair salon in Kamakura (by Daisuke Murase)Photosynthesis Lamp by Meirav Barzilay | Design MilkA Six-Story Vertical Garden in Southern Spain Green Style

flea market giggles

happy monday! i am giggly with excitement over my flea market scores yesterday. more on the details of what i scored for the home and the lady looks on squirrel hobbies. in the meantime i present to you two cool vessels i picked up for terri planty. the pink one is almost too hard to give up. thick hand blown glass, gorgeous shape. i am in love! the other is also a vintage treat, but with a more playfully vibe. someone broke down an old plate and applied it to the lid. it has a nice framing design on every side. i am excited to see who finds a home in here.
i am planning a trip to the mojave soon to pick some really old glass bottles too (kind of like the ones pictured below). should be good times...


planter love

not your classic planter. but i love all of these. love love love. i think i might stick some plants inside my basket of laundry when i get home and pretend there is nothing underneath the soil. or better yet plant something inside of every dirty dish when guests come and call it art! this is really starting to inspire me.


via here.

landscape art

i have a big crush on this "installation" if you will, by artist michale sailstorfer. the graphic aesthetic is executed in such a way that it takes you a moment to really understand what is really going on. i love when art visually interrupts your pattern and requires you to revisit your first assumption of what you are viewing. to read more go here.

Michale Sailstorfer: Forst

terrariums around the house

i have been moving and purging and fixing and changing things around my home these days. the studio is also in the works. my new years resolution was to get my life in order. and i am a firm believer that first your space needs to reflect that sense of clean, fresh organized feng shui (if you will).
i have been documenting some of the changes and in the process caught a couple shots of my terrariums that are temporarily living in my home. that is the nice thing about being a terrarium designer, there are always new terrarium guests that visit my home until they find new mothers and fathers and beautiful spaces to live in!


busy lady

my studio is getting a make over this week! clean up time! big news coming soon! but in the meantime i am going to post a photo of one of my favorite terrariums that is done and wants to say HELLO WORLD!

meet tennis terri planty land...


planter love

i am totally digging these planters i found on etsy. i love the clean lines of the geometric shapes contrasting with the traditional terracotta material. love 'em! i would love to fill up them up with succulents and cacti! the designer is mgmy studio. check out their site here and their etsy shop here.


d i y - brick succulent planters

i found this cool diy alternative planter project on readymade. i think i might have to try and make these... (great for outdoor dinner hosting, setting the mood, that type of thing :) ) ...

  • brickplanters_800

by christopher & kelly harris;  photos by greg scheidemann
natural and durable, a stash of used bricks provides a wonderful contrast to elegant succulent plants. created by christopher and kelly harris, the display looks great alone or paired with a votive and becomes a star centerpiece in any living space--indoors or out.
skill level - moderate
active time - less than an hour
cost -  $


  • bricks (preferably used, ‘cause it’s nicer for the world)
  • small to medium succulents of your choice
  • dirt
  • candle and holder (optional; style points only)


  • c-clamp
  • ½-¾-inch masonry chisel
  • steel mallet or hammer
  • squirt bottle filled with water
  • pencil
  • corded drill or drill press (cordless works, but keep your charger nearby)
  • carbide-tipped hole cutter, 2-2½ inches, with a mandrel bit (the carbide-tipped cutter blade will be the one that looks like rock candy around the edge, not the typical metal serrated blade you’re used to—those will get too hot and then get too melty.)
  • safety goggles
head outside and find a spot that can get a bit messy. use the C-clamp to stabilize one brick. mark the center of your brick with a pencil and then spray the top of the brick with your squirt bottle. (When drilling into masonry, you gotta keep it wet, or else you’ll burn one down. don’t worry, you’ll know it’s burning when it smells like it’s burning.)
don your safety goggles, ‘cause they’re hot in the OSHA kind of way.
position your drill in the center of one side of your brick and start off slow on your mark, trying to keep the drill level. every 20 seconds or so, spritz with water to keep the bit cool. once the outer diameter of the hole cutter contacts the brick, spray a lot more water on, and keep drilling until the loose dusty shavings/water mixture starts to dry out. keep drilling (and drilling), and spraying.
when the base of the hole cutter starts to get close to the brick surface, stop drilling. take the chisel and carefully knock away the interior of the hole. don’t hit too hard or the brick might split, so just knock enough away until the bottom is flat-ish. tap out the loose stuff. spray and drill.
when the drill reaches about ¾ inch from the bottom surface, stop and chisel out the interior again.
repeat with the second hole. when done, spray all of the brick dust/goo off, and put a bit of dirt in the bottom of one or both of the holes, about ¾ inch deep. place a succulent into each hole, and pat more dirt loosely around. after about a week, and then every two weeks or so, spritz with water.

skip the elbow grease and order bricks via

use blocks of reclaimed wood instead of bricks (but be careful with your candles and perhaps consider going with LED tea lights).

try another low-maintenance and slow-growing plant, such as a cactus.

check out full post HERE.


happy NEW year

wowzers! meowzers! the new year is here! i had an awesome new years eve, while the friends counted down i balanced 12 grapes for good luck in a bowl in one hand and hula hooped the new year in. more photos and details on squirrel hobbies.
i am so pumped about the freshness of having a new year! terri planty is excited to take it to the next level! lots of fun ideas and mini lands to come! but first i must overcome my looming pile of laundry. wish me luck! happy merry new year!!!


(more) inspiration nation

found these visual treats on style rookie.they were documentation from her trip to antwerp. love the futuristic terrariums and am blown away with that planted magical land between the two buildings. seriously took my breath away!