weekend literature

i highly recommend that this weekend you take a moment for yourself and pick up this months issue of garden design and read it up in a comfy chair, picnic blanket, or wherever your preferred reading location is. there is an excellent spread on tillandsias, aka. air plants!!! i am loving it and had to share. and besides this feature i am digging their new look this year. so fresh and informative, a bit more contemporary i'd say. the new sunset magis looking pretty hot too. great article on sweet shops and yummy lettuce alternatives in the garden. plus it has this great way of peer pressuring everyone into growing their own vegi garden. just sayin'!

*UPDATE* speaking of vegi gardens, laguna dirt has a great post today on vertical earth gardens! check it out here!



  1. What a lovely magazine! I have to look, if I can get it somewhere here in Germany too! I always wanted to have such air plants, but never found one in my garden centers! Wish you a wonderful weekend!

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