put a plant (or bird, cat, dog, chicken, rabbit) in it

i was going to do a plants on blogs post when instead i came across so many rad things to put plants and birds in that i had to switch gears and immediatly let you know what amazing things are happening to put things in. so lets get started, shall we?!

first of all... how gorgeous are these the plant hangers and pots! i want one so so bad. i think terri planty is going to have to start building more that just terrariums. this hanger is a major inspiration. tell my boyfriend to please buy it for me. they are designed by kelly lamb and can be purchased here (look how easy i made it for him!). i have been a fan of this ladies work for some time, but the hangers are really pulling at my heart strings.

got birds? like lots and lots of them? then you might need one of these "spontaneous city’ installations developed from a concept that the london fieldwork duo super kingdom initiated in 2008. all i can say is WOW. i wonder if they can come out to la and hook me up with some bird house action. talk about art and the home...

not only do these next rad designs hold a space for plants but they are also excellent hide outs for the feathery and furry friends in our lives! made in france of recycled (and recyclable) plastic, designers s├ębastien haquet and thomas lanthier of here are creating beautiful and functional garden pieces that also provide shelter for birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and chickens! what could be better than this combo deal. nothing. except for maybe if it also played music during your parties. or not.


  1. All of these ideas are just lovely!!!

  2. those geometric planters...gah.
    p.s. i just picked up a glass thingy from Target...to make a terrarium...what do you think? wanna help me out?

  3. i want that dog house! how cool :) seriously, put a plant on it!

  4. I love the plant hangers! And the city for birds is really beautiful!
    p.s: I've dedicated my last post to you! hehehe ;)

  5. thank you thank you!

    @lizzie - duh! i will always help you! email me! lets do it!

    @lana pelana - GRACIAS!!!!!!! :)

  6. I've wanted these plant hangers for ages! I hope to get one some day!