so much coming up. so much! yikes! and yeah! and breathe... i can finally breathe because my studio is CLEAN. finally. that space has been begging for some attention. but the best part is that i am now renting more space and officially have a mini photo studio for my terrariums! this is super rad news because i have been wanting to add more terrariums to the shop but haven't had the proper space to shoot. now i have no excuse. game on! terri planty is back in business!
other than studio cleaning, today i had a lovely time at the flower mart (more on that soon) and am working on a woolly pocket wally (also coming soon)! in the meantime i decided to post a cool little collection of snapshots i have been taking of planty inspiration to prepare me for the all the upcoming projects. what projects are you up to these days?

p.s. i also snuck in two shots of my sloppy before studio as a reminder to keep it clean girl!



  1. Lucky you! I'd love to have a studio too one day, to let all my ideas and inspirations come true! Wish you all the best for your plans and can't hardly wait for the projects coming out of it!

  2. THAT is your studio? THAT! it's fucking brilliant, bianca. i would feel uber inspired to be surrounded by plants all day, i'm positive. i don't have any projects in the works really...i'm dying for a creative outlet, but i can't pick one to get started. damn.

    i'm way looking forward to more terrariums. you'll be commissioned when we get all settled into our new place for sure.

  3. @ mdmslle - having a studio is essential to my lively hood. it is so important to have your own space. but i took me time to save up for the one i've got now and won't let her go!

    @lizzie. i hope you don't think my studio is the space with the rows and rows of flowers. :) its just the two shots - pile of dirt and container and the shot of the windowsill. sorry to dissapoint. i would love to make you a custom terrarium - whenever! it would be my pleasure. :)