we've moved

we've moved.
we've changed our name.
visit our new biz and blog HERE.

see you soon!



i am a bad promoter.
HOWEVER i am letting you know now LA FOLKS!!!! come out TONIGHT to FOR YOUR ART and see my work along with many other awesome plant friendly artists in THE PLANTER SHOW! tonight from 7 - 10 and workshops to follow.
more information here.

happy mistakes

digging around for old shots, backing up, re visiting past shoots... i don't know what happened to this card. but i'm kinda into it.



a dear friend sent this my way. yet another awesome option for apartment dwellers to grow green. via here.

put a plant in it


um, yeah. that would be a recycled roll of toilet paper. aaa-mazing. who would of thought you could grow a seedling in a tp roll repurposed into a mini planting pot! via here, here and here.

garden stalking


i will stop apologizing for being absent from the blog soon enough. but i will have you know that i have been very busy working on the new site and blog. i cannot wait to share it with you. recently i have been especially busy building up my garden stalking portfolio and i thought i'd give you a sneak peak with my recent faves. in the meantime if you want to see more of what i have been up to you can find me on instagram... just look for terriplanty. trust me there is more where this came from! xo


part of the reason i don't blog as much anymore is that i have a severe addiction to instagram. so if you really wanna stay in touch... instagram is where it is at. look me up. i'm terriplanty. be prepared for many a photo of my dog, cats, plants, plants, plants and then some. :)

back for now

i've been meaning to return to my little patch of blog much sooner. i have taken such a LOOOOOOOOOG break from blogging and then a series of busy storms hit, a cronic cold (that i still have yet to really kick), i moved (again), made lots of changes in my personal life, started raising a puppy, studying jewelry making, and much more... so... that was that. and in the midst of this shower of lovely chaos i got the big idea to totally change my business. no i am not going to stop making terrariums! but i have been making and doing so many other projects that i needed to reinvent my biz a bit. that being said i am not going to give away all my secrets, but i am warning you that a change is a comin! in the mean time i am going to try and blog more to help stir up the creative juices as i work through this process of relaunching. so hello again! to my favorite plant loving friends... how've you been? whats new? share with me! xoxo b

b i k e l o v e


sorry i've been missing in blogging action. lots to share. big changes to come. photos to post. but in the mean time i say HELLO and want to share with you that i got myself a vintage road bike. and i am in l o v e. her name is sophia loren. the bike is italian after all!

i will take the risk, or rather the fact is that i sound totally cliche (but its so true)... damn it feels good to ride the road and feel that wind sweep through your hair. i highly recommend it.

i have even created a pinterest board dedicated to bike romancing...

new jewelry

the jewelry collection is growing! we've been hard at work seeking new bits and pieces to create one of a kind necklaces blending precious stones, vintage chains and medals, beads, lockets, clasps, bottles and glass lockets filled with butterfly wings, crystals, moss sand from far away lands and much much more. the bottle necklaces are available online, however the other pieces have not made their way on to the shop quite yet. if you see something you like let me know! i will be putting these up on the shop shortly, but until then... email me!

this curious treasure just landed on the shop! each pouch contains a rock that looks ordinary and plain until you crack it open and discover a sparkly sensation. a lesson in looking beyond the surface!(plus they are waaay fun to break open!)

upcoming events


i have two very exciting events coming up for valentine's day! i will be in a trunk show at my very favorite pergolina on the thursday feb. 9th AND at unique la's local love event on feb. 11th & 12th. i will be showcasing a few romantically inclined terrariums, mini terrariums, natural treasures and LOTS of new jewelry designs (fellas - ladies love the jewels! just sayin'!)

the pay off


having been a chicken mother since may has been a lovely experience. i enjoy feeding them not only leftovers, but treating them to fancy foods and watch them get happy. they are so silly and make the cutest sounds, fall asleep in your arms, sit on your head and in general are good company in the yard (when they are not eating your plants). but it wasn't till xmas morning that miss stevie laid her first egg. that was a major gift. and that was also the moment in which i realized this is one awesome pet. since then i get an egg every other day. the taste and color is amazing. i even did a taste / color test in the image above... yeah. there is no question fresh eggs are tops. this urban farmer is feelin' pretty lucky right about now.