the pay off


having been a chicken mother since may has been a lovely experience. i enjoy feeding them not only leftovers, but treating them to fancy foods and watch them get happy. they are so silly and make the cutest sounds, fall asleep in your arms, sit on your head and in general are good company in the yard (when they are not eating your plants). but it wasn't till xmas morning that miss stevie laid her first egg. that was a major gift. and that was also the moment in which i realized this is one awesome pet. since then i get an egg every other day. the taste and color is amazing. i even did a taste / color test in the image above... yeah. there is no question fresh eggs are tops. this urban farmer is feelin' pretty lucky right about now.

custom terrarium


a somewhat recent custom terrarium. a lady dj puts out the jams as her audience gets there groove on in the wild garden of terri landia. love fun ones like this! i made the whole desk, head phones, lady dj and much, much more! like is said - CUSTOM!



a very talented and generous friend treated me to a jar of diy crafted pickles. i indulge myself with one or a few pickles here and there and savor the moment. they are DELICIOUS and remind me of how thoughtful it is to make beautiful things for the folks we dig.


my friend morgan of the brick house recently gave my other dear friend laure a stylin good time in her sweet house. loving all the shots of hazel the cat amongst the plant action (especially digging the major use of plants!).



organizing my computer and came across these images of a maiden hair fern i fell madly in love with at the arboretum during their fern and exotic plant sale / show. next time i might have to get myself one of these pretty things. and duh, another staghorn or two.



it was a busy, productive, busy, happy, busy, crazy, busy holiday. phew! and i am grateful for every minute of it. i took a little vaca (hence the lack of blogging) and now i am back. refreshed and excited share more again.
my little family of 5 (oh you know, the cats, the pup, the chickens and myself) took some time to relax in our yard and charged up for the new year.