dirt-y food

my grandmother is a rockstar in the kitchen. she is a baking queen! always treating us to the yummiest sweets. and this last friday she made one of my favorites. i had to share this little number because it is totally within the planty theme of this blog.

has anyone ever had dirt cake? there are many varieties of this delicacy, but my grandmother takes it to next level with her presentation! she put the good stuff in little plastic pots with fresh flowers "growing" out of the "dirt" and of course what healthy garden doesn't have worms! (so proud)



  1. Thanks for sharing this cute idea! We're invited to a party this week, maybe I can find the time to try this recipe for it!

  2. This is so great! Your grandmother seems to be such a cool lady!

  3. What a spectacular idea! I LOVE to bake so this is definitely going to my to-do list.
    I'm saving your blog on my favorites so I can explore it later. I need to learn more about gardening because I have the dream of turning my two little balconies in a amazon forest :)

  4. this post is bursting with love. the little planters are so clever!