plants on blogs

with this particular plants on blogs post i was interested in how plants are displayed,  the scale of the plants and their forms in relationship to the space and objects used to accessorize or "extend" the plants appearance. texture, repetition, color and how the "greens" serve a visual purpose in each environment were all part of my focus.
i have been shopping, researching, stocking up, getting ready for the unique la spring show and a couple other pop up shops in the works - so i have new projects on the mind! making mood boards. looking everywhere for inspiration. also on the hunt for new varieties of plants that i don't often work with. if you have any interesting favorite plants - let me know! tomorrow morning i head out for the flower mart and i am hoping to score some "chain of hearts" other wise known as Ceropegia_woodii. it's an evergreen succulent trailing vine that is delicate and so beautiful alone or when paired with bolder succulents likes aeoniums or my clever friend suggested even in contrasting the chain of hearts with some spilling burro's tail (aka. sedum morganianu).

but back to the gorgeous blogs (and sites) referenced below - as always be sure to check out the links for the blogs. they are rad. even if you know of them already, the nice thing about blogs is they are always "growing". :)

p.s. did you know that the unique la show has a booth contest? i just found out. yikes! now the pressure is on!


bloesem (one of my all time favorite interiors), belle fleur de lis, lena corwin, the selby and le dans la.


  1. this post has reminded me that i really need to be less afraid of putting plants in my house...

  2. Gorgeous! I love the top two images and the photo with the colorful shoes. I've probably purchased more plants in the last three months than I have in the last three years. I've made it a goal to incorporate more green into my living and studio spaces. :)


    P.S. Just came upon your blog... Lovely!

  3. I love this feature of yours, always so many inspiring images!