greenhouse lamp

A Suspended Glass Greenhouse Lamp plants lighting gardening design
A Suspended Glass Greenhouse Lamp plants lighting gardening design
A Suspended Glass Greenhouse Lamp plants lighting gardening design
A Suspended Glass Greenhouse Lamp plants lighting gardening design
A Suspended Glass Greenhouse Lamp plants lighting gardening design

my dear friend nora sent me this via facebook and i just had to make sure i shared the hell out of it. this incredible greenhouse lamp is by far one of the most sophisticated and brilliant plant housing objects i have ever seen. madly in love. for more information visit here.

post unique

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finally home after the craziest weekend. between the wind storm and unique i am one sleepy lady. above are a couple shots from the unique la show taken with my phone. good shots to come!
i met so many amazing folks. many of which said "why don't you have more of your stuff online?!". and with that being said, i am so working on it! promise. :)
thanks to all my wonderful friends and family that came by. and another big thank you to all the new nice people i met. the love goes right back at ya :).

hello studio

i am back in action. so much so that i haven't had time to blog. i've been in studio cooking up lots of new goodies for our terri planty booth at unique la show coming this weekend at the california market center. most exciting is the launch of many new necklace designs. after this weekend i will be sure to post new designs on the online store. until then you will just have to visit the show! and if you can't make this weekend, it is very likely i will be hosting a pop up shop at elephant art space....

for more information on unique check out their site here.


ever green

last weekend i had the great pleasure of being in a group show with three other rad artists at monte vista projects. my addition to the space is the large disco ball planter that is suspended and in action, glittering up the portable forest below.


sorry for the time out!

my computer has been undergoing some techy issues. it is finally getting fixed this week! sorry for the lack of posts! after i get her back in a few days its on. and while on the subject of time, check out this brilliant plant alarm clock designed by jason kline. its brilliant! and good looking! read more about it here.


flora fashion

loving this mix of plant action and fashion i found on my friend kelly's tumblr, rise or set. i really should get more creative with my wears. perhaps next time i am on my way out the door to a night of dancing i should pluck some succulents and shove them in my shoes for some extra detail. i am serious. we could all use a little more play and spontaneity in our perspective. :)


cold day

open studios was a success! hannah (my puppy) was my date and she behaved herself amongst the crowd of folks traveling around the halls and rooms of our studio. i met many new faces and reconnected with old friends. but it was COLD. rainy and cold. yesterday was the same. the kind of day that makes you want to stay in bed and ignore the rest of the world (including the pile of dishes)and just be with your loved ones reading a book...


open studios

getting ready for open studios this sunday at elephant art space (aka, where my studio resides). all the artist in residence will have their doors open with projects for viewing. and in our gallery we will have a show by artist dave shulman.
i have lots of new art, new terri planty projects and have really begun to focus on making more terrarium jewelry pieces that involve all kinds of interesting materials. soon i will show that collection off but for the time being a shot of my jewelry make desk in full force.

if you are in the la area on sunday from 5 - 9, stop on by elephant. :)



spotted this good lookin' sculpture on landscape and urbanism. not sure what the story is but i had to share. its amazing what we can do with the materials that are all around us. re address them in new formations, add some thought provoking text, or not and viola - rad interruption in your daily viewing.

a bug's life

i promised photo glory and have not come through - YET. my lifestyle change has really made for less blogging time. but the good news is i am in the studio all the time, making LOTS including a whole new line of jewelry terrariums! very cool stuff.
speaking of jewelry, another fellow artist jewelry making garden crazed girlfriend of mine recently shared her photos of her halloween wears and i gots to say, if i could award the best halloween costume of the year to someone, this would be it! its like her garden is part of the outfit! LOVE!!!


happy hallowwwwwwwweeeeeeen!

i know i promised many more photos. i got super busy again. and i am not going to lie. having an adorable puppy to play with kinda sucks up your time in the best of ways. doesn't she look cute in her halloween costume?! hannah banana as what else... a banana!


recent terrariums & plantings

i have lots of images to post. so much so i feel like i might overflow in one night so i am going to space this out. we begin with a couple recently made terrariums and plantings. each with a bug invasion or rather bug partnership! i have more images from this collection but haven't found the other batch of images quite yet. stay posted for more :).


terrarium contest at POTTED / reward $500 shopping spree!

a very very favorite shop of mine here in la, potted, is having a very cool contest. why it is a terrarium contest! the most creative terrarium wins a $500 shopping spree at potted. and let me tell you i could easily spend that load of cash there! remember that rad circle pot i scored from dwell? well that was a gift from the lovely ladies of potted.

i encourage you all to get busy, like NOW! for more details visit their site HERE!

so it turns out my hen is a ROOSTER

sometimes the obvious is just not obvious enough until it starts to crow in your face. yup... my dear little fart face aka. fifi is indeed mr. fart face. i thought it was a little odd that his feathers were skinny at the top of his neck, not to mention his long neck, his aggressive behavior towards the girls and his confidence. but for some reason i must have been in some serious chicken denial. and i was. because its certain that i got myself a boy chicken.
as much as i love the dude. he is really a gorgeous bird, i am concerned that the noise is going to not be so great with trying to get my new neighbors to like me and he picks on my little lucia and that is not nice. don't worry i am working on figuring out a lovely new home. potentially a ranch with lots of other barred rocks that hang out in tall trees.
i won't tell you which is which, but i am sure you will know right away. so silly what moving does to a person's brain. you can't even tell if you have a boy chicken all of a sudden! :)