new terrariums

today was yet another productive day. first i completed some drawings for my upcoming show with jen bruce, common threads. after the painting, terrarium mania! today was especially exciting because i received my fresh batch of tillandsias aka air plants yesterday. they are so beautiful. i gave the plants homes and some even got their peeps situated. below is a sneak peak. (i am loving the half bowl shape! and the two teeny tiny chairs! a perfect place for conversations, two seats to share small secrets - hee hee!)

p.s. sorry for the lack of shop updates on etsy. i am focusing on getting ready for the big renegade event and doing custom work. if you want a custom order in time for the holidays - get in touch! i would love to create something special for you!


air plants, the solution

i get quite a few emails with folks concerned about the proper lighting for their terrariums. many of which work in an office that has no or little natural light and is limited to fluorescent lights. to those plant desiring light worried friends i say, a tillandsia aka. air plant is the solution!

these lovely plants can lead healthy lives shined on by the lovely light of fluorescent light in your office or home. i would recommend however, considering the fast approaching holidays, that you take your plant land home with you when you are away for long periods of time. but duh! in that time spent at home a lovely lazy day by the window with some bright indirect sun would be just sweet.

in other tillandsia care news. i have found that these lovelies are healthiest when feed rain water. collect it! or perhaps let your plant visit the outdoor showers for a short bit. if you don't have rain water you may leave some water out in a container and use after a few days. or distilled water is good too. however if tap is all you got. so be it. you should be a-ok.

i just got a fresh batch of air plants. so excited to make them homes. the last one is fragrant!

vintage hunt

i always like to see what vintage vessels are out there. this one totally caught my eye. swap out the roses for some succulents and we are good to go! too bad it sold. poo poo. so cute.

via hindsvick on etsy.

just made

i have been so busy making making making new planty treasures. i am making succulent wreaths in a variety of sizes and lots of terrariums. hanging terraiums, tea cup terrariums, big, small etc. etc. below are some of my recent favorites (there are way more but the lighting was way too dark for a proper photo lastnight).


succulent wreath

last night was very productive in getting ready for the renegade fair. angelica made lot of macrame goodies (they are gorgeous - i want every single one!) and i did inventory and made a succulent wreath. here she is... (i kept this wreath because i promised myself one two years in a row and never came through!). i will be making these wreaths in a variety of sizes AND! they will also features some exciting little scenes. i am awaiting my little people / animal / furniture shipment. can't wait!


custom terrarium

i made this little treasure for my parents. it was an anniversary gift. the beard was part of the custom work. my pops has had a fabulous beard for a while now. the piece of wood they are standing on is from the desert. they are going for a stroll amongst nature, enjoying each other's company.

p.s. my parents rock. i got both of them on board for booth building mania. exciting!


old school inspiration

oh man i hit the jack pot tonight when i stumbled upon this lovely collection of old school vintage terrarium images on naughty secretary club blog. these images are kind of blowing my mind right now.


more booths

i checked out past renegade fair booths and found some sources of inspiration. i am really super digging the wooden wall and am seriously considering building something similar. it is important for me to define my space as separate from the rest so that focus can be on the terrariums. kind of like you walked into one to look at them.

planning our booth... (2)

it is getting closer and closer to renegade time. i am still working on my booth building ideas. almost there. just need a few more inspirations to narrow in on my "look" (if you will). i found these great images on cody foster's blog. these images are of a shop called darr in brooklyn. i loved the repetition of the glass and the rough textures of wood. a little too old world for my taste, but i am still fond of the vintage qualities and overall treasure / curiosity shop appearance.

sandy lands

i am in the process of gathering and buying lots of new materials to build more terri plantys... exciting! check out all these gorgeous sand options - color heaven! i am flipping out. i have a hard enough time deciding what to eat let alone what gorgeous colored sand i should use. any favorites out there?


planning our booth...

i am so excited to announce that i am doing this year's renegade craft fair here in LA! it is not till december, however there is lots of planning that needs to get done. i am not one to just play it casual with a cover table and a cash box. oh no. this is major. and to add to the mix my gf angelly bean (actually it is angelica) is sharing the space with me. so that means more magic! angelica's project is TOROMI. basically super awesome plant hangers.

i have decided to use this blog as an inspiration board for my booth.
i was really impressed with the recent little winter set up. i enjoyed the natural organic canvas and linen tones combined with the black chalkboard in contrast. however in our booth although we want some organic and woodsy elements in keeping with our plant products we still need a little punch of disco. yeah. i said it. disco. anyhow, here are a couple images i am playing with...




photos via design*sponge, desire to inspire,~>o<~,little winter sale and i forgot the first image, help me out?

custom terrarium

i made this terrarium for my dear friend allison carter. allison is a poet and writer. she is not only great with words, the lady has such great style. everytime i see the girl she is wearing something lovely in that casual oh this old thing way. i wanted her terrarium to reflect her casual bohemian style and struggled to find the perfect outfit so i went nude. allison could rock that look too. threw in a book and voila it is just like being at one of her poetry readings in the desert - except she is lounging in the nakies... hot.

check out her site here.


fresh batch!

i love when i get to post a fresh batch, and especially this little group! i got all these great vintage animals recently and new and old vessels and viola! another fun group of characters! you can shop it up HERE on my etsy store. i am going to post some more from this batch soon. i have lots more coming!


BIG cat lady terrarium...

sitting pretty planting...
this vessel is super cool. it is a vintage eye cup! i was told it dates back as far as 1920. eerie and beautiful all at the same time.

YEEE HAAAAAW! terrarium...

grandma & king kong terrarium...

apple dish garden...

wolf ride terrarium...

lady hikers terrarium...

the stare off terrarium...