around the studio (and then some)...

lots is happening over here. my site is under going some renovations. still a work in progress. but my super awesome talented photographer father took my portrait for my "about" page, and although i am convinced i look (in general) a little bit like a rabbit, i am very pleased. its always fun to get creative with my pops...


i have been busy busy making mini scenes of elephant top dancers, rock climbers, hula hooping ladies (always and forever) and a totally custom zombie scene. that's right boys, terri planty is not just about the girlie stuff. we can do guts and horror, only in our narrative - the lady wins the race! but don't worry, she can rescue you from the vicious arm eating blood sucking monsters. :)


in other news, i scored some really fabulous plants! chain of hearts - a gorgeous cascading plant that is undeniably one of my all time faves, a whole family of neon cross breed cacti that are out of this world and as usual - plenty of pretty succulents and MORE!


i am so excited for the unique la show. this is going be a good one. i have some surprises in store - i am not giving too much away but i will say that it is the biggest blah blah blah blah ever. decode THAT wheel of fortune fans!


p.s. the image of the ivy wall and what appears to be quilt growing an arm in the blonde wood frame is a collaboration i did with a dear friend, and recent past studio mate jennifer bruce. she makes the most amazing quilts. we took her quilts into the town, had blue eyed bearded boys and herself wear them and photographed the quilted happenings in public spaces. this shot is one of my favorites. the girl laid down on the ground of a gas station all in the spirit of making a beautiful photo. and the lovely image of the masked face with the dog - that is another rad artist - roger tilton. lastly above roger's photo is the tip of a great print by ginny cook. i love artists.

planning the booth (part one)

lots on the mind. LOTS. i have less than two weeks to get ready for unique la spring show. exciting stuff. the shopping, designing, creating, planning and then some have begun. all in all it has been a pleasant experience thus far. mostly because i am not doing this alone. my dear mother, a passionate gardener and designer by trade is on team terri planty. this woman rocks, she is smart, very creative, a business owner herself and a bit of a wild (flower) child...


for example, above is her wedding photo. the lady wore color on the day when most wear white. totally rad. this image makes me happy. it reminds me to do things your way!

that being said, the brainstorming is ON. both of us have been sharing ideas for the booth constantly (forgot to mention - there is a contest - yikes!) i am on the hunt to be inspired and have been collecting images like a mad woman. decided to share them with you here. they evoke texture, combinations, vibes, moods and so on that i would love for my booth to evoke. i am especially digging a combination of 60s/70s dreamy whimsey, organic clusters and piles and graphic moments with humor...


via an apple a day, via wary meyers, found while walking, ii-ne-kore and squirrel hobbies. there are a few images that i don't remember where i picked them up. if you know - let me know! thanks ahead of time. :)

by the way, here is my ma & i in the beginning of our friendship, dreaming up big ideas even then...

(more on the master plan coming soon. so stay posted)

egg planter diy

even if you don't celebrate easter, this is a super fun diy project. who doesn't love seeing a little plant sprout out of an egg! and best of all this diy is nearly free! most of the materials are inexpensive and some can be found in nature. it makes a sweet little house warming gift, a great way to host plants in your skinny windowsill and a lovely presentation for gifting clippings or seedlings!

in this diy example i used succulent clippings from my garden. when giving the little egglings i like to include a little note that tells the story of the mother plant... but of course your note is up to you... perhaps your plant speaks the language of love and will woe the recipient with a poem (i like to make almost all occasions or gifts romantic - plants always win my heart!).


the materials...
- soil (if working with succulents use a cactus / palms mix and for vegi or other - use an organic potting soil)

- pea gravel (tiny rocks - make sure they are clean and dry!)

- egg(s) - cage free or homegrown is best

- scissors

- pine needles or long blades of grass

- twine or kite string

- plants: succulent clippings, sprout, seedlings...

- a bowl or cup (for yoke and to keep those eggs safe and not rolling about)

- paper towels


delicatly and very carefully using a sharp object, such as the tip of scissors puncture the top of the egg (the pointed part). start with a small hole, opening it up slowly till it has enough room to fit your finger plus a little extra room. be very gentle during this process and be prepared with a bowl underneath your hands.


pour all the insides of the egg into your bowl. you may need to poke at the yoke to get it sliding out faster.


once the egg is empty, clean it out with water in the sink. again be very careful - they are fragile!


when your egg is in the clear begin to place (one by one) the small rocks into the base of the egg. about 5 or 7 tiny ones should do. this will act as your water drainage system. after your rocks are in, add the soil, when your soil is more than half way in, add your clipping (if you have a sprout you may need to place it in sooner). add more soil, place a few more small rocks to position and support your plant. at this point you may need to place your egg(s) into a bowl or cup so that they don't roll all over and get all humpty dumpty on you!


next step - nests! every egg needs a nest, naturally! these nests will not only be the finishing touch to your display, but all serve a purpose - they keep your egg sitting up! take a bundle of pines (from your garden or local park) or long grass blades and with your twine tie they together at one end, then curve them into a circular form that is small enough to hold your egg in place (the tighter the better). you can then twist your twine all around the curve, keeping the form of the "nest". how many knots or how tight your nest turns out is really up to you. it can be organic and wild or more like a stiff wreath. you are the bird building YOUR nest! up to you!


and voila! egggy-planty art! enjoy!

pssst... birdies, if you decide to make some of these and take photos, i'd love to see your projects!

put a plant in it

i can't take full credit for this collection of "put a plant in it". so many dear friends and new friends have been emailing me with rad new creations for housing my favorite little green things - plants! this particular grouping is full of those moments where you say - hey why didn't think of that! but i didn't! so i am sharing it with you all so that we support our local plant style curators! plus there are some great wearables in this bunch! not only will your house get spoiled with plants - but your body could use some vegetation too!

from the folks who brought you these lovely designs...

i am so loving these new designs..."new air plant cradles // developed to showcase each air plant's individual beauty, my new air plant cradles are the ideal balance between sculpture and functionality. each cradle is completely hand crafted out of gorgeous unglazed natural terra cotta clay that is slow dryed for maximum strength and fired to 1945°. they measure approx. 9" across the widest point and will arrive with the hemp cord and a professionaly printed hangtag containing information about the cradle in addition to air plant care instructions. I'll be retailing them for $36 each. They make a stunning display!" via

like is said, wear it up! how cool are these wearable planters by designer colleen jordan. "why should your plants stay at home? they help clean the air you breathe, are beautiful, and create a wonderful conversation starter. carry a sprout, a succulent, or a flower you found on your morning walk. a wearable planter... (is) setting out to prove that something beautiful can be created in plastic."

and lastly, for all you wall planting folks... check out the new urbio (pretty snazzy name)- it is the magically magnetic vertical urban garden! It is "a magnetic system that will help us transform any wall or ferrous surface into a beautiful veritcal garden. each pot is made of eco-plastic and is equipped with large neodymium magnets that are strong enough to hold almost anything to the wall. the wall plates are modular, and can easily be mounted to nay wall. mount just one urbio pot, or fill your wall with them." for more info visit


planty literature

i have a book problem. i do. i collect books like i do plants, jewelry, textiles, macrame, cat art, pottery and squirrels (and trust me i seriously collect all of these things). so to add to my festering habit i treated myself to this rad book about plants. because in truth, i can never learn enough about this subject!
this book is part of the time-life encyclopedia of gardening. its title is flowering house plants, written by james underwood crockett "a horticulturist and writer on gardening subjects". it also includes lovely illustrations by allianora rosse.


i am especially digging books about horticulture from the 70's. this book was published in 1972 and it totally rocks like most of the books i own from that period. obviously house plants and terrariums were popular then so that had an impact on the wave of books that came out on the subject, but man are they good! detailed with diagrams and interesting information. for example this book not only gives you all the classic details about care and origins, but it also inspires you with some personal anecdotes, fun pages like: notables who shared their names with plants and an incredible array of tips and ideas, such as sending a leaf in the mail to start a new plant! on page 69 it states "african violet fanciers often mail a leaf from a prized variety to a faraway friend so that he can raise a new plant from it..." i am totally doing a diy on this packaging method pronto! anyone want to become planty pen pals????!!!


looking for cool books from the 70s on plants? look no further than your local used book store or thrift shop. amazon is great too, but the best part about the shops is you never know what you are going to find!

for sale!

so if you can't shop terri planty at unique la...

i am so excited to announce that i am going to be doing a pop up shop / sale at my studio / gallery space (aka. elephant) with my dear friend morgan of the brick house and her rad friend summer of modernhaus. the girls have some seriously awesome vintage goods for your shopping pleasure. i am afraid for myself - i may try and buy it all first! i of course will be selling terrariums galore!

mark your calendars - sunday, may 15 | 12 – 5pm!


dirt-y food

my grandmother is a rockstar in the kitchen. she is a baking queen! always treating us to the yummiest sweets. and this last friday she made one of my favorites. i had to share this little number because it is totally within the planty theme of this blog.

has anyone ever had dirt cake? there are many varieties of this delicacy, but my grandmother takes it to next level with her presentation! she put the good stuff in little plastic pots with fresh flowers "growing" out of the "dirt" and of course what healthy garden doesn't have worms! (so proud)