put a plant in it (like the italians do)

my dear friend elise, a talented photogrpaher, married to an italian rocker, living in italy (i know! lucky girl), sent me this link to the most amazing work i have seen in awhile involving my favorite things... plants (duh), art & design, found objects, and some serious risk taking creativity. this put a plant in it post is completely dedicated to these two designers peter bottazzi and denish monapace. earlier this month in milan they presented this exhibition of recycled furniture used as planters. "they called the work  da morto a orto meaning ‘from redundant to abundant’ the furniture has been turned into hybrids by connecting them with other pieces. the pieces are intended to be for indoor kitchen gardens and for classroom horticultural lessons". the artist give life to abandoned furniture by combining and reconstructing it in inventive ways and then re purposing it as a planter.
da morto a orto isn’t just a collection of one-off pieces; it is a critical, ironic reinterpretation of everyday objects that we no longer recognise or that are on their last legs: objects and furniture around the house that are destined to disappear, to be 'destroyed', are here resuscitated with a new look. the project is intended to be the first step in a series of initiatives designed for milan, in which culture and horticulture are blended together to create “cultivation seasons” during which people can develop and explore issues related to the education and conservation of the individual, the home, the city and the planet. they’re reprocessed, patched up, hybridized and transformed before being grafted with plants, thus becoming 'indoor kitchen gardens', domestic classrooms for a '(horti)cultural education)' offering lessons on how to cultivate the land and one’s feelings too".
"the project is promoted by AMSA, the municipal environmental sustainability agency, in partnership with the historic company fratellii ngegnoli, and with the not-for-profit organisation banco building".

maybe now before you throw out that old chair or pile of clothes, re think how you could use it as planter. i grew up with a toilet bowl loaded with succulents. although not the most conventionally beautiful statement, it shifted my perspective and opened me to a world of possibilities. just sayin...


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  1. ooh! i love that desk chair/lamp/plant hybrid...awesome finds.

  2. these are amazing! now i know what to do with old, un-usable furniture.

    elise and i share a similar name and I'm also married to an italian..ha ha! now if only we could move to italy...

    looking forward to the sale. i'm going to try and bring friends. i grew up in the 90065 so it'll be like coming home.