custom terrarium

i met up with my dear friends greg and angie the other night and made them this custom terrarium. i was especially excited to present this planted treat to them because aside from being a designer and an artist, they have become quite the urban farmers! soon i will be revisiting their space with my camera in tow and will do a feature on their hard work. i was most impressed by the quantity of cilantro they were growing. i always struggle to grow that good stuff successfully. they had and abundance, we enjoyed it in the fish tacos they made for dinner (YUMMY!) so this terrarium features the outdoorsy couple on a desert hike with their dogs. i am working on quite a few custom terrariums at this time, hopefully i will get around to documenting them all. the scenes are getting to be more and more challenging and fun. keep 'em coming gang! i am so grateful for all the biz...


p.s. that crazy looking tall succulent plant is called a maternity plant or mother of thousands (kalanchoe daigremontiana). it drops babies like crazy and spreads. i have these in my garden and they will drop from one pot down to another. very cool when a plant is so eager to grow! grow! grow!


  1. That's so pretty! I know nothing about these air plant thingies and wotnot, but would love to make a little terrarium. I must work out where I can buy the plants in this country x

  2. I had a calanchoe too, some time ago. when i took some of her babies away (as presents for friends and fam) she died :(... anyways, thank you for commenting on my blog, i´m always sooo excited over comments!

  3. it turned out AWESOME, bianca. i love the peoples.

  4. Utterly AMAZING !!!
    Lately I have been almost obsessed with terrariums. My youngest and I put one together recently....I think you might be appalled at the combi of plants we used....BUT...a few weeks later it is absolutely doing well! I googled for info and your site oddly did not come up until I continue looking for inspiration for my next Terrarium!

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