plant art

i visited the moca this weekend with erick and i gotta say, it was mighty nice to see art again. oh art you are like an old friend i haven't spent enough time with recently. there she was, saying things, looking good, making me think, making me wish i had more time to make her.
anyhow we went to the grand location and saw the permanent collection and the WILLIAM LEAVITT: THEATER OBJECTS exhibition - which i loved. as an la native this show was especially humorous and relatable for me - leavitt depicts staged moments of la lifestyles through set walls and fake tropical plantscapes and best of all his attention to details like tacky garden lights put me over the edge. it is so so good.
my camera was not permitted in this show so i don't have any images of my own so you will have to be satisfied with these images i grabbed from the moca site.


on another note, in other parts of the museum i encountered this rad installation by mexican born artist sofía táboas. i don't think i was familiar with her work before encountering this piece, but i am a huge fan of arte provera artist piero gilardi's “tappeti-natura”(nature-carpets) and this particular installation reminded me of those works. i love the whole concept of opening a door, maybe to get outside, and instead being bombarded with a stuffed entrance / exit of fake flowers. rad. i would love do this with real plants.



  1. such interesting work, thanks for transporting me cross country!
    i miss la.

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