geek out! interview / studio reveal

i woke up, pet my cats, stretched a little (long night at the studio), checked my iphone and suddenly was smiling BIG. i got an email from miss lizzie - probably one of my online bffs. i have never met her in person, we found each other via web surfing and now we are cyber buds. i am totally in love with this girls passion, energy, honesty, smarts, commitment to herself - she rocks. lizze was emailing me because she posted an "interview" about terri planty, my art, my studio and the process of it all. it is a total honor to be featured on her site... love your way. i encourage you to not only ready the terri planty post, but really spend some time on her site. she is a wonderful writer, paired with a talented graphic designer lover, the site rules and is one my faves.

thanks again lizzie. you are so special to me!

view the post here.




  1. I love your interview! So cool and casual. It's great someone posted your story, since you're probably so humble to talk about yourself in your blog, which you have an awesome biography!!! Enjoyed reading it A LOT!

  2. Great interview! I LOVED IT & I'm so glad I now know of your work. You're a badass. xo.

  3. your succulents looks gorgious.

  4. What a beautiful interview, love to read your story !

  5. Oh, Bianca, this interview is so wonderful! Your story is so encouraging, even I have a small business idea in my head for a while and now this makes me more eager to give it a try! Thank you for sharing!

  6. thank you with all my heart for all the sweet words. this was a very special post for me. and your comments are really appreciated. :)