plants on blogs

i have been away from computerlandia for sometime. the two events kept me super busy. my boyfriend reminded me to have a life. my closet needed tending. busy with many cool custom orders. then my computer was in the shop for a couple days. and although my time away was difficult, i gotta admit returning to the internets with fresh eyes felt pretty damn good. so i cruised the blog and tumblr lands and came up with this lovely collection of plants on blogs. i noticed that i kept being attracted to large masses of plantage. i think its my inner desire to go see some wild flowers tickling my thoughts...


as always, check out the links below. these are some cool spots to visit.

time of the aquarius, the acid sweat lodge, field guided, jeana sohn, hanging roof carpet, tomboy style and the brick house


  1. these pictures are so pretty! ahhh.

  2. Those are all wonderful! I´d love to have such a huge fern like in the first pic! And thanks for the awesome links ;)

  3. love that last photo! beautiful finds, bianca...

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