the weekend

it was a busy busy weekend so this post is a bit scattered with images of a couple of my happenings. lots of cool things were done. started off with an all ladies performance at redcat, followed by the premiere party for emily henderson of secrets of a stylist. let me just say emily is wonderful! more on the lady fest on my other blog, squirrel hobbies.
the weather was COLD this weekend - alright cold for LA. we had snow in some parts of the valley! that is nuts! so my succulents are looking a bit red these days. i decided to shoot them in their rosey state. i also made a super giant terrarium for moi. i am working on getting my home camera ready and it is a ton of work. i did however score an awesome buffet that now serves as excellent terrarium display! in other treats to self my ma gifted me two awesome gardening books - more on that soon!



  1. sounds like a great weekend, your photos are beautiful!

  2. Those three faux bois concrete (?) planters in the first photo are to die for!!! Where did you find such triple treasures?

    Great photos - I love seeing all of your plantings!

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