put a plant (or some bees) in it

i found a lot of cool vintage objects to put plants in this recently while thrifting. looking forward to showing them off when the plants have made their way inside! in the meantime some sweet plant hosting treasures by others.

ceramic organic dreams come true for your ethereal air planties by eikam. handmade in east vancouver, these lovely objects are made to look vintage by using antique mold and unique glazes. eikcam also has a sweet blog worth checking out.

interested in a more specific metaphor? how about you grow some plants out of a body? how rad would this look on a dining room table. i am super digging this piece. designed / made by modernfx an artist who received an MFA in ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1976 and then taught ceramics in a California State University for 3 years, loves to challange its viewers with humor and not so PC references. i love anyone who challanges the way we see things, so naturally this designer is rocking my world. this particular plant home is titled
Universal Man Ceramic Planter- Grow Your Own Alien. enough sad. it rocks.

and last but oh so not least we have andrewsreclaimed based in "seattle, puget sound, western washington, pacific northwest, united states", these designers make gorgeous housing for plants and bees alike (amongst a bunch of other sweet handmade goods). i love their balance of clean lines, no fuss design via the use of reclaimed natural wood. i have been thinking about becoming a bee mother and this housing system is speaking to me...


  1. loving the ceramic dude!
    my french friends dad has bee's not a big fan of them myself but i love potting the honey. PLUS it tastes so much nicer than shop bought. i always steal enough jars to last me at least a few months!

  2. i always love your finds. these are crazy awesome.

  3. wow, just discovered yo blog via my mate Lou @ Littlegreenshed. Your terrariums rock! Love this alien man, so lovely. Mel x