garden stalking

sometimes you can't help but snap snap snap that camera away when you see something lovely. the rain can't even stop me! i just love me some gorgeous garden sightings! the tour guiding has ended but on our various adventures and in between (thank you mother who loves to cruise hollywood just to stare at plants!) i did get a chance to grab some sweet garden shots. the succulents are in full force this year with all that delicious rain we've had. and their is one super sexy drive way shot below - loaded up with bunched grass - yes please! more garden stalking images to come. these are mostly just some hollywood garden peeks. venice beach next!



  1. Woweeeee! Those gardens and houses are just dreamy! I would love to fill a house like that first one with all my mcm furniture! x

  2. SOmetimes it blows my mind how many crazy awesome weird and exciting things people do when living in such places like LA... Great pictures!!!

  3. You have a blog worthy to follow! I pass this Liebsten Blog Award to you! Glad i discovered you :)
    (Pass it on to five bloggers with less than 100 followers)

  4. i am so glad you guys agree. driving through those hills i had such fantasies of filling the homes with lovely things and tending to the gardens overlooking the city. the life!

    @ toks visoks - THANK YOU!!! i will pass it on!
    xoxoxo :)

  5. My back yard sucks so bad, I always feel so bummed when I see awesome yards like this.
    All lush and in bloom