books with good looks

my mother, the ever generous and inspiring garden goddess gifted me two excellent books this weekend. i had to share because i am digging them and perhaps you may like them too.
the first is titled FROM SEED TO GARDEN by jimmy williams and susan heeger. the author jimmy actually sells at a couple farmers markets in the los angeles area. the book covers gardening tips along with lovely recipes using the fruits of your labor.
the second book is titled FEARLESS COLOR GARDENS by keeyla meadows. this dares you to take color and texture to another level in your garden by incorporating sculptural elements that are bold and . meadows, a fellow calartian is bold and surreal.
let me know if you have read these or know of any other books that rock your world...


  1. hello kittehs!
    those books look fantastic...even if it's a novel, i always buy a book based on how it looks.

  2. Looey is thinking about it...