bird bath diy

i was reading one of my very favorite garden wise blogs - the formally homegrown evolution, now root simple and came across some interesting advice...
"did you know bees need to drink water? they seek out shallow water sources like puddles and bird baths. even if you don't keep bees, you can help out our little pollinator friends (and a host of other wildlife) by keeping a bird bath or even just putting a saucer of fresh water out for them. you can do this even if you don't have a yard--try keeping a saucer of water on, say, a balcony railing or in a window box."
and so i decided... it was time. i needed a bird bath!

in designing my bird bath it was important that it looked organic but playful and secondly that it fit my really tight budget. so my first thought was ... hmmmm... what shall i use for a base? a stump! and the bath itself? a saucer! done.
but here is the funny part. as i was dreaming of my future bird bath, i had a dilema, when would i get around to finding the perfect stump? i was nervous. and grumpy and in comedy podcast in the city... however, as luck would have it... out in to the streets of hollywood on our long journey to our far away parked car - what appeared to me?! the stump i was looking for! perfect in size and shape! score! and the saucer... well just so happens i got this cool one from erick for my bday that was hand painted by a local artist, so the neato thing about that is that it is sealed so it is less porous and if i forget to water, well the water should still be there!
and the last super cool part of this story is that i bought a water hycinth at the flea market, a plant i don't usually come across. it was as if though this bird bath was meant to bee! (ha ha! i am corny!)

so here are my materials: a saucer and a stump... you could really make this with any kind of base. i intend to come back to this diy with more cool alternatives. :)

i added the water hyacinth and a treasured rock from the desert...and viola!

and of course some sneak peaks from around the garden. dinos and SUPER large succulents, oh my!


  1. it's perfect :)
    i love watching birds take their baths (that sounds way more creepy and voyeuristic than i mean it). they're too cute!