terrariums by others

i am gonna let you cheat right now. oh yes i am. cuz i might do the same! loving these gorgeous terrariums that i found today on /compai. these sexy looking geometric terrariums by assembly new york are hand welded metal and glass. they are so stunning. i want like 3 in a cluster SO BAD. my only concern with them is that they showcase them with succulents (which are not included with the purchase), however if you were to buy these vessels i would not recommend desert plants. i would go full on tropical because there is no opening, and humidity is going to reign king in that little world. and if you do buy
one of these bad boys and don't know what or who to plant - call me up lover, i will hook you up! i would love to play landscaper in one of those gorgeous little glass treasures!



  1. Woah, how amazing!!! Saw them before somewhere, but I had the same concerns about it than you. Maybe there will be someone sharing their experiences! Have a nice weekend!

  2. i love those...LOVE those. i will absolutely be buzzing you if i ever get terrari-spired.