inspiration nation

i came across this photo in my inspiration file. i have no clue where i found it. so if you know - let me know! and thank you ahead of time!
anyhow it reminded me of my palette wall i created for the renegade craft fair (emptier version). however i like how theirs is fully loaded with plants, creates an excellent vertical garden. i am totally going to build up the one i made for the fair in the studio patio and have plants live in it full time. load it up! come june or july, whenever the next fair is due, i will have plants installed and growing. or maybe this calls for more of a mess? who knows. still a cute idea.



  1. i'm positive a palette wall with your plants would be stunning for a craft fair!

  2. A great idea! Maybe I could try something similar for my new studio...though I'm not very good at gardening, but trying to be better!