friend pride

i am beaming with pride this morning. my lovely and super talented friend wendy of dear hancock was featured on todays design*sponge sneak peeks! see it here!
her home is gorgeous! bright and airy and full of busy creative energy. i especially love her studio set up in her dining room. who says the dining room must always serve as an eating space! instead they whip up beautiful paintings!
also if you take a close look, a terri planty lives in her home...:) just sayin'!


  1. her home is so beautiful! i saw that earlier today! she rocks the planty in her house, no?! :)

  2. Hi Bianca! Hi Love Your Way! I totally rock the terri-planty. I have two, but I want more! The one is flowering purple flowers! So magical. Thanks for the post you are a sweet heart.