my garden

since terri planty is the perfect place for talking about all things plant related - i'd like to introduce you to my garden. in doing so i feel like i am exposing myself or getting a bit private so to speak, but i think it will be fun to begin sharing a bit more about my adventures in horticulture not only with my business but in my personal living space.
a little background - shall we? i moved into this home of mine about 3 1/2 years ago. it was clearly a work in progress from the start. i had some experience gardening but it wasn't till i met this stretch of dirt that i really got my hands dirty. i begin with the front yard. giving that the most attention considering the neighbors and guest would see that first. but as i have lived here i realize more and more the importance of making your backyard a magical planty land haven since it is just for you (and the cats).
i have taken classes in landscape design and have spent my fair share of funds on books on the subject, designed a community garden and residential, but nothing is more challenging then your own space.
especially when you rent and recognize that the money are spending is not an investment. rather it is an act of generosity, pleasure and learning.
fortunately i have a mother and two grandmothers close by that also share my affinity for gardening. and so plant clippings have been one of my main sources for plants. certainly not the way you would generally start a real design plan, but it has worked for me and my super tight budget thus far.
i have what you call a botanical garden at this point. a little of this and a little of that. all the orphan clippings growing together into one eclectic plant community. mostly succulents and drought tolerant varieties, mixed in with the occasional native plant and even mediterranean friends in there.
but even though my garden is not perfect. it is my learning platform and i want to share it with you so that you too may learn or at least enjoy the scenery with me.
i will soon begin showing you my before and after photos, my inspirations and my diy garden moments.
with all this being said, i encourage you to share your gardening tales too! have any cool before and after photos? send them my way!



  1. Can't wait to see more! Sounds very exciting! Looks beautiful already!!

  2. it looks so calming and relaxing already...that's the first garden i've ever seen that i've thought inside - i could spend some time in that garden.
    it's beautiful, can't wait to see more and the before/after photos!

  3. Beautiful garden Bianca! It looks enchanted! I cannot wait until Spring here - I have a crazy terrarium planned.

    (p.s. thank you SO much for visiting my blog!)

  4. hi I recently found your blog and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your photos. I've also been working on my front and back yards this past year, even though I've been living in my home for nearly eleven years. I agree with your thought on the backyard being "a magical planty land haven." I started in the back and I'm slowly working my way forward. I'm trying to install mostly native plants but if something looks good is low maintenance and drought tolerant it may end up in my yard. I'm including a link to my site because I have photos posted there of my yard.