custom terrariums

i haven't been posting many photos of custom terrariums these days because i have been very busy making custom terrarium KITS! yup! terri planty is flying around town into the homes of folks all over the globe. the kits are so fun to build. i truly enjoy playing with the packaging and personalizing the instructions. each package is lovingly adorned with notes.
everyone who has ordered a custom terri planty is so awesome and fun to brainstorm with and i love to imagine them opening each part of their kit and figuring it out. (during the holidays or birthdays i have to watch each person open their gift from me because i adore watching them take in the wrapping details and then the reveal - aaaaah! i know. kind of annoying. oh well. there are worse things!)


these little ladies were having their glue heated up. it has been SO COLD in my studio. alright maybe not east coast / mid west style cold (i feel for you winter gardeners! spring is on its way!)


  1. i love it! one day i'm going to have to get one of my own :)

  2. I have a soft spot in my heart for terrariums. A few years ago I was a school teacher and the science teacher use to make them with my students. I love the font on your tags and the brown paper bags. Awesome!

  3. that is too cute! your packaging looks adorable and i love the idea of custom kits so people can make them their own! must be WAY easier to ship too, no?!

  4. That packaging is darling - these will make super-sweet gifts and the recipient gets to feel like they have quite a bit of a green thumb!

  5. son fabulosos los terrarios...! quisiera saber donde consiguen los monigotes (muñequitos chiquitos)