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yesterday was spent catching up with random projects. one of which being taking photos of some of my newer terrariums. remember that cool big pink vessel from the flea market? well i think i might have to keep it because i am in love with it! it turned out pretty swell. i stuffed it real nice with some gorgeous smooth roots from the desert, a lovely floppy air plant, a geode with naked lady in tow and now i am sucker for the thing. who knows. maybe with the right parent i could part ways. my other current favorite is the desert fairy. the glass bottle is so cool. when i went on my desert trip with my pops i scored an amazing collection. i kept all the dirt on the inside of it because it added such a great coloring. this one really feels kind of magical to me.
the day was spent doing all this on my patio. i can't complain. looking past my laptop were plants, sun and a gorgeous clear sky, hills, the wind chimes, my pandora playing low. i love you los angeles. i love you garden.
in other news i opened another etsy shop - squirrel and terradactyl. no terrariums, but it does showcase some cool odds and ends to put your plant in. i only have one cool planty vessel up right now on that shop, but trust me, there is a lot more where that came from! to get the full scoop on my new etsy visit my other blog, squirrel hobbies.

i hope you all had lovely vdays! :)


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  1. you are AWESOME and i love the view from your desk, lady. the new etsy shop is bitchin'.