cute stuff

i received a super sweet email last night from one my clients (you know who you are :) ). she ordered a custom kit for valentine's day for her boyfriend. as soon as she got her terrarium kit in the mail, she built it with her lover and sent me this shot with the kindest email ever. i was so overwhelmed by her love and pride (she did such a great job!) that i had to share!

p.s. the little sign with their initials was her idea. pretty cute stuff, right?!

i hope you all have a lovely valentine's day weekend. anyone have any exciting plans?
i plan on making my cats some valentine's day treats... perhaps a heart shaped meal of wet food? or cat nip sachets? and for the boy? i'll ask the cats, see if they have any bright ideas.




  1. Oh, how nice! Wonderful terraruim!
    No plans for Valentines day yet, but I yesterday I sent away some Valentines mail :)

  2. aww, it's too sweet! hope you have a happy valentine's lady!