you rock my world

new materials are always fun to introduce into ones practice. and with that being said, i now present, give a lovely welcoming applause to... geodes and crystals oh my! i found a new source for the shiny stuff and i am beaming with excitement. i have so many ideas for these glittery rocks, so watch out! keep them in mind for custom terrariums too. they say crystals bring good energy! just sayin'!
the terrarium with the bikini lounger lives in my home. i scored the quartz rock on my desert trip with my dad, along with the cool vintage milk bottles. i left them a bit filthy because i like the look of the soiled details. lets you know where they've come from, gives them a little history. no folks in there yet. but they are sure to come!



  1. So cool!
    Just read your comment on my blog, and I responded (go take a look). I don't think we know each other, but we should, yes?

  2. i LOVE these...the crystals are wicked! i love that hanger in the last photo as well, for sure. you are awesomely creative, I swear.

  3. Wow! I love the combination of soft yarn with the shiny crystals!