terrariums at moma

i have been meaning to share this article from the ny times for so long now (since it came out in december!). so here it is. finally. this artist, paula hayes created these gorgeous indoor terrariums in the moma's lobby. when i read the article i was seriously considering flying out just to see them. it wasn't in the budget. needless to say i revisit the images for inspiration. its great to see the use of plants in contemporary art. i have used plants in my art installations as well and i am always exploring different ways of incorporating the living greens within the context of an art viewing / art object. hayes does a lovely job by relating and inserting the plants to a space in the museum that is usually overlooked. she totally injected new life. (hee hee)

Jason Mandella

“Slug” is a terrarium by Paula Hayes in the Museum of Modern Art lobby.

to view the original article go here.


  1. AMAZING. I love that it's becoming more relevant as well..completely beautiful installation for sure.