plant lovers

i just stumbled upon this tumblr page - gardening in heels. i am loving all the innovative ways of planting that is shared on this site. like the tool boxes! i have been displaying terrariums inside of my vintage metal art boxes, but planting inside! i am totally going to do this up! and the downspout vertical planters! oh man those are genius! i am a huge fan of vertical gardens and this is totally right up my alley...
... and the lamp! and the heads! oh my. i am enjoying this. its a plant visual party!

Inspiration: Downspout Planters | Apartment Therapy Re-Nestunconsumption:

Turning an old aluminum baking rack onto its side and planting it with bamboo wouldn’t seem controversial to most people, but Matthew Levesque sees it as an act of sedition. “It’s really a revolutionary stance against standardized and expensive landscaping,” he says, standing in the compact and colorful backyard of his Alameda [California] home.
“Using indigenous and local materials in garden design opens up a new world of possibilities.”
Levesque’s new book, “The Revolutionary Yardscape: Ideas for Repurposing Local Materials to Create Containers, Pathways, Lighting, and More” (Timber Press; $22.95), aims to demystify the process and provide inspiration.
It is filled with photos and how-to instructions for the projects that fill Levesque’s own yard, from an acrylic downspout filled with eyeglass lens blanks, to garden lighting fashioned from chrome closet poles, to patio areas paved with scraps of granite and marble salvaged from kitchen redesigns.

Full story and other photos: Matthew Levesque reimagines, repurposes gardens —
(spotted on Twitter, thanks to Marilyn Maciel, @MarilynM)Crazy hair salon in Kamakura (by Daisuke Murase)Photosynthesis Lamp by Meirav Barzilay | Design MilkA Six-Story Vertical Garden in Southern Spain Green Style


  1. the mannequin heads freak me out a bit...but the rest are completely awesome! such a rad idea for a blog...the plants on the wall are my fave!

  2. i know, you are right. the plant heads are scary. i know. but i just love that people are brave and creative in using whatever is around them. it makes me happy. :)