terrariums around the house

i have been moving and purging and fixing and changing things around my home these days. the studio is also in the works. my new years resolution was to get my life in order. and i am a firm believer that first your space needs to reflect that sense of clean, fresh organized feng shui (if you will).
i have been documenting some of the changes and in the process caught a couple shots of my terrariums that are temporarily living in my home. that is the nice thing about being a terrarium designer, there are always new terrarium guests that visit my home until they find new mothers and fathers and beautiful spaces to live in!



  1. they look marvelous! you have single handedly made me LOVE terrariums.

  2. i love it! and that wooden hand model is pretty cool. there's so many possibilities, but all of the ones i'd like to do aren't very nice hehe :)