a proper introduction

i would like to introduce you to one of my favorite studio tools, an xmas gift i received from my dad... my magnification visor. yup. i wear these cool things most of the time when making my terri planty treasures. i have to say i feel pretty cool with these bad boys on.
i think i am going to start making a habit of showing off the cool tools i get to use in my studio. everyone is so busy showing off their homes, and pets, and babies and art, why not show off some of my cool tools?! so we begin. introducing "maggy eyes", my magnification visor!


and on another note. my dear friend wendy of dear hancock visited the studio this evening to pick out a couple terri plantyterrariums for her home. the lady is a serious talent. you should check out her beautiful work here!



  1. i love this post...hoping to learn more about your badass craft and tools, lady. i love her work as well, lovely designs!

  2. Do you ever have an open studio where people can come by and take a look?

  3. yes we do have open studios. we have gallery openings monthly in the building too. but the official open studios is coming up soon. i shall keep you posted. :) i have to clean up first though! yikes!