got me some cottage inspiration

the pinterest junkie in me is back in action. my internet was turned on and i immediately go seeking beautiful things to stare at to ooooh and aaaaaaah. but this time i was searching with a purpose! i never leave a a garden untouched. and although the process of fixing up my new garden will take lots of time and patience i have already begun to brainstorm my visual vibe for my new little cottage in the hills. below are some of the images that got me pumped. typically i am drawn to meadows full of native grasses, yarrow and sage with bold architectural succulent surprises, and there will be that, but considering my new home is very much a cottage why not throw in some hollyhocks, bulbs, wild crawling vines, nasturtiums and the classic... lavender! besides i just read recently that if you want to repel rodents plant fragrant shrubs like rosemary and lavender... so there you go. beauty with a purpose!
i am also trying to brainstorm ways of making the traditional cottage a bit more alive and contemporary. i am a color junky and found object seeker. i love the idea of reusing pallets, painting random objects in bright colors, creating outdoor rooms and destinations with twinkle lights and furnishings and of course hideouts - like tepees! hand painted signs, vertical gardens, a chicken viewing station and loads of edibles will all be musts! ooooh the possibilities!



  1. i love your inspiration picks. i have often dreamed about living in a cottage too :)

  2. Ah, this is a great post. Now we're moving back into gardening season I'm looking at garden structures and the best bee/hummingbird friendly plants to grow. Lavender, rosemary and salvia are all on my "must purchase nooooowww" list.

  3. Love this inspiration board. Where did you move to exactly?