so it turns out my hen is a ROOSTER

sometimes the obvious is just not obvious enough until it starts to crow in your face. yup... my dear little fart face aka. fifi is indeed mr. fart face. i thought it was a little odd that his feathers were skinny at the top of his neck, not to mention his long neck, his aggressive behavior towards the girls and his confidence. but for some reason i must have been in some serious chicken denial. and i was. because its certain that i got myself a boy chicken.
as much as i love the dude. he is really a gorgeous bird, i am concerned that the noise is going to not be so great with trying to get my new neighbors to like me and he picks on my little lucia and that is not nice. don't worry i am working on figuring out a lovely new home. potentially a ranch with lots of other barred rocks that hang out in tall trees.
i won't tell you which is which, but i am sure you will know right away. so silly what moving does to a person's brain. you can't even tell if you have a boy chicken all of a sudden! :)


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  1. What a handsome bird! I had a rooster someone dumped by my house but couldn't keep him either. I took him to a sanctuary. Good luck!