custom terrariums

i am super backed up in the custom terrariums showing off department. but trust me! i will do my best to catch up because there have been some good ones with magical lions, fire spinners and afros and much more! these two terrariums featured below are from awhile ago, but i had to show these to y'all because i made those crazy dirt bikes, gear and helmets and it was not easy! i was so proud when i was done with those two! they looked just like the guy's i was portraying in their own gear but in miniature.
sometimes when i am working in my studio on these teeny tiny things going crazy trying to make the most perfect mustache, i think, yup, this is good times, crazy, but good times.



  1. We all look forward to you catching us up!

  2. RAHRRRRR i missed you. i love your terrariums. freaking eye-gasm of the week for sure. i hope you're all moved in and everything's settling!