garden party

allow me to introduce you to a very special lady in my life named paulanna. i have worked for paulanna for many years and in doing so have developed a wonderful relationship. she has a magical boutique in los angeles called pergolina. through my experience working for this fine italian woman i have learned many a trick, including the art of hosting and the power of details. she also has one of the most gorgeous homes i have ever had the pleasure to dine and play in. this last weekend she hosted a lovely soiree. i snuck over before the guests arrived and took a few shots of the lovely set up. i find her mix of textiles and styles to be very inspirational. and check out that lush collection of ferns. pretty stuff.


the secret garden, filled with edibles galore! yummy!


  1. oh wow, that is possibly the perfect entertainment spot!

  2. dear one you have flattered me beyond!!! if i had known i would have dolled up the v garden. thank you yenta eyes i love you and and am so proud to be on ms terri planty baci beso

  3. What a wonderful & cozy looking place! Thanks for sharing, I hope you will be able to spend lots of beautiful relaxing hours there with your friend!

  4. so pretty. i love the layered textiles