excuse me i composted

one of the things i am most proud to say i do is compost. there is nothing quite like knowing that even if you were totally lazy about getting to that piece of fruit in time to eat it before it went bad that you can instead allow it to rest in peace and make magic in your compost. that is brilliant! recently with the chickens i have shifted my system a bit. now whatever edible thing has gone almost bad (too mushy or stale for me to eat, but not rotten) the chickens will eat. they are funny about scraps though. not everything you read is true for every chicken. some chickens love what others hate and vis versa. mine are totally obsessed with shrimp, rice, blue berries, figs and corn on the cobb. however there are so many things i read they would love that they don't really care for.
my point being though, the satisfaction that i got from the compost being my back up plan when feeling guilty about wasting food, well now the chickens also heal that guilt ridden feeling. plus all the shavings from their cage goes right into the ol' compost too.
my mom now sends me home with all kinds of treats for the girls. soon i will return the favor with a lovely bag of compost.


p.s. chickens also rock because they eat all the weeds in your garden. but they also love ferns, well at least mine do.


some helpful sites for information on starting your own compost...

howtocompost.org/compostguide.com/root simple


  1. Oh, I love chickens! Thumbs up for you that you compost! I used to, too, but now in the city I don't have the possibility :(

  2. I love how to said the fruit will "rest in peace" - makes me feel so good about that!