custom terrarium

custom terrariums are keeping me movin'. sadly i don't always remember to document them all. or if i do, sometimes the photos don't quite do the piece justice since i am rushing them out the door and not holding the camera steady, intoxicated with that feeling of "must get this done and on to the next project now...". but fortunatly i had a moment and the memory to document this lovely little treasure. it was made for a husband to be to gift to his bride to be. it depicts them at their upcoming wedding in yellowstone national park. and by the groom's side (as he lifts a proud fist to the air) is his loyal pooch.
i am always grateful for the custom work i get to make for my clients. they send me photos of their faces and furry children, details about their lives and we get to know each other all for this little moment in the vessel filled with greenery. this particular couple really touched my heart. yes, i am that corny. i love love. :)



  1. you are so talented!! i love each one of your terrariums. they are like little adventures i want to get lost in :)

  2. I love these little sceneries :), very cool work..