step into my office (round 1)

so currently i have been making my terrariums and plantings on a low standard table. on my patio. it is fine. does the job. but i need an outdoor office! i need cubies for storage and lots of space for empty vessels and plants in waiting! so my handsome boyfriend has offered to build my potting station for my birthday (TODAY!). i designed the main table (below) and am hoping to get started on it super soon! i am so lucky i have such a handy dude for a roomie. too bad the cats don't know a thing or two about wood work. we could use the extra paws.



  1. You are very lucky to have a partner who is so supportive of your work!!. It makes all the difference in the world. By the way, my oldest daughters (all 3) went to the Renegade Fair. They visited your space and took your card for me, so that I could get to see the amazing terrariums you create. I will be sure to pass your site along to others...........
    Be great. All the best.


  2. k
    thank you so much for your sweet sweet comment! i really appreciate it!

    how luck you are to have 3 daughters!!!