this weekend was crazy! i saw tom petty on friday night at the bowl, followed that with a road trip to joshua tree with friends. we camped and then drove out to pioneer town to manimal fest over at pappy and harriet's. next day packed up camp and headed over to palm springs to meet up with the fabulous morgan of the brick house for a lovely tour of vintage shops and the ace hotel.
last time i was out in palm springs i picked up this odd vessel that morgan insisted i buy. funny thing about it is that the designer name on the vessel is "morgan". so i told her that i would make her a terrarium as a house warming gift and months later i did! i included a little scene of a man treating his lady right inside... it was fitting come to think of it, considering the terrarium gifting / exchange occurred right outside of the glamorous ace hotel.

p.s. morgan's identity has been made secret by way of heart power graphics. don't ask to see the original. it won't happen. she will kill me.


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