hello world! lets talk tiny plant lands!

hi there and welcome to my blog about my terrariums and plantings.

i intend to use this blog as a place to showcase all my new creations and inspirations. however eventually i will get a solid website together! in the meantime this blog will do the trick!

a little about why and how i got into plants...

i grew up around a mother who is an avid gardener and as soon as i had my own piece of land (rented but still loved dearly) i was out with my green thumb. when i am not planting inside of a glass bowl or pot, i mostly like to plant california native plants and or adaptable drought tolerant plants. i believe that it is crucial that we conserve water, but also just as important that we help build a garden that can feed insects and other wildlife and restore our land!

i began the terrariums out of curiosity. in my art i create installations, environments, a new place, new perspectives. i have been introducing plants into my installations more and more. it began with my "plant pants" walls...


the images above are of the "plant pants" i had created using various found and bought materials. i also made plant hangers out of recycled strawberry baskets. all of the images above were from my one woman show, sheela's gig at sea & space last october.

from there i began to get really into found vessels and recycled materials that could be re purposed to host plant life. and so the terrarium building was a natural step. most of the terrariums i make are made with found, used or recycled vessels. this includes vessels that folks abandon after weddings and events (you would be surprised how much waste goes down at those functions). i am truly invested in trying to rethink materials around us and lessen the amount of garbage that we throw out.
by doing this i also find that there is an adventure aspect to making my terrariums, they are "vessel specific". meaning the plantings must react to the vessel found. they are not predetermined for the most part, so usually they are one of a kind and unique.

with that said, i thank you for checking out my new blog! and would be delighted if you would continue to visit and spread the word about terri planty! it is vital that we support our artists (yes me!) and i will continue to do the same!

feel free to get in touch with me!

happy planting!


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