my garden

as usual there is a never a dull moment round these parts. so many things going on, most notably i am getting ready for the renegade craft fair and cannot wait to share with you all the new things we've been making. i used to get really really nervous before these events, but now that its not my first rodeo i am feeling more and more focused on the pleasures of being in the moment of making. sneak peaks coming soon.
in other news we might be moving, well at least we are looking. a lot. its time, for many reasons. but with that i have to give up my garden here and find a new pile of dirt to play with and revamp. this one was just getting so wild, mature and beautiful, but its not mine and i am actually really looking forward to the process of starting anew. besides my neighbors are going to score with lots of plants as gifts from my garden, while many others will have to come with me. anyone else had to leave a garden they loved and had mixed emotions? tell me all about it. did you dig up plants and bring them with? did you worry about their future mother? did you say all is well, next garden please! share it up my friends... :)



  1. I was tempted to dig plants up the last time I moved but just didn't have the energy in the end. Plenty of potted ones came with tho! I know u will find a new lovely garden to play in - staying local I hope?

  2. I have inherited a few beautiful gardens that someone else had left behind. I have always been so thankful for that amazing gift . And don't forget those haunting gardens that persist even after the house has been long abandoned. When hiking or exploring I have sometimes wandered upon an abandoned homestead. Many times a collection of flowers is the only evidence that someone once planted and tended the land.....the work of their hands is memorialized in those last vestiges.
    You will bloom again where you are planted. Good luck with your move, and also at the Renegade.


  3. The thought of moving is a bit terrifying especially since my ideal relocation is over 1000 miles from here. I think I'd be having the same questions as you. :/

  4. i think it will be very difficult for me to even leave my inside garden place in the flat i live now at this moment because it is just the right space to give my plants a place to live. I really hope you can take much of your plants with you, hope you can make descisions about it and that it all goes well.

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